Taking English To The Masses

After the two short previous weeks, it was time to get back to 5 days a week class.

Day 1 Monday 18th July 2011 – We read the story of Snow white and the Seven dwarfs.  It was difficult for the students to follow though because of several new words.  It proved to me that there was an urgent need to increase their vocabulary.

Day 2 Tuesday 19th July 2011 – We did a conversation piece of introducing oneself.  The students had to tell their name their age and how many brother (s) and/or  sisters they have.   It was conducted in the form of a dialogue.  Me asking the questions and the students giving the answers.  Started with the vowel “i”.  Familiarized with “i” CVC words.   A small test was announced for Friday on beginning sounds, vowels “a” , “e” and “i” and alphabets (a to z / A to Z)

Day 3 Wednesday 20th July 2011 –  Continuing with the vowel sound “i”, reinforced the short sound.  Solved 2 worksheets for the “i” sound.   Read the story of the “The Little Red Hen” from the Class V coursebook

Day 4 Thursday 21st July 2011 – Introduced the Alphabet song and Number song (One, Two, Buckle my shoe).  The children enjoyed the video and tried to sing along with it.  Also heard a story from the Panchatantra ” The Blue Jackal”.  The students were very excited with this new media addition.

Day 5 Friday 22nd July 2011 – It was test day.  The students appeared for the short test.  It lasted for an hour.  Did not have much time for anything else.


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