Taking English To The Masses

Its the 3rd Week.  Not a very good week.  The teacher i.e. me had to take sick leave on Thursday and Friday.  So only 3 days of classes.

Day 1 – Monday 4th July 2011 : The 14 “a” short sound words were given as dictation.   Solved the remaining 2 Vowel “e” worksheets.  Gave the class a list of sight words (a, and etc.).

Day 2 – Tuesday 5th July 2011 – Introduced Vocabulary words for each alphabet.  Also revised the beginning letter sounds.  The dictation the previous day showed that they needed more reinforcement on letter sounds.

Day 3 – Wednesday 6th July 2011 – Discussed the days of the week using questions :  How many days in a week, which is the first day etc. along with spellings and how they are to be written.   Also read sentences using the sight words given. Eg. a : I am a boy.

I will continue with the fourth week in this blog because again this week had only two classes and this time blame the monsoon.  Monday was a public holiday and Thursday/Friday it rained a lot.  The school being in a low lying area was flooded and had to be kept closed for the students.

Day 1  Tuesday, 12th July – Played the Password game using the “e” short sound word.  The student gets 1 minute to read the word appearing on the screen. The contest was between the girls and boys.  The girls won.  The students were given 4 sentences to write about themselves.

I am a boy / girl.  My name is ____________________. I am _______ years old.  I study in ____ standard.

Also introduced the words : holiday, yesterday, today, tomorrow.  As homework the students had to make simple sentences using these words. For eg. Sunday is a holiday.

Day 2 Wednesday, 13th July – The homework was submitted and corrected in class.  Red the short vowel “e” story.  The story was about the hen and her ten chicks.


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