Taking English To The Masses

Welcome to the second week of the new year.  I hope you enjoy reading about this class as much as I enjoy teaching it.

Day 1 – Monday 27th June – Due to personal reasons I had to cancel the class on Monday.

Day 2 – Tuesday – 28th June  – Introduced new vocabulary picture words from A to Z.  Learned four new words with pictures and talked about them.  For eg.

The first picture is a Hen : where does it live, what does it give us, what is a baby chicken called etc.  Similarly, with other pictures.

Day 3 Wednesday 29th June :  Revised vowel “a”  and started with vowel sound “e”. Three letter words with ending sounds like et, eg, ed, en etc.  Solved the www.mes-english.com worksheets for vowel “e”.  Distributed the corrected alphabet writing test held in the previous week.  The students practiced correcting their mistakes.

Day 4 Thursday 30th June : The class was not held on account of month end.

Day 5 Friday 01st July  :  Distributed notebooks for English.  Students had to write their names in English.  Also write the alphabets in small and capital letters.  Completed 2 more worksheets with vowel  “e” sounds.   List of fourteen (three-letter) words for short vowel sound “a” was given for the students to learn for dictation on Monday.

Plan for next week : Introduce sight words, reinforce vowel “a” and “e” sounds, introduce vowel sound “i”.


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