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New Beginning – Week 1

Welcome back!  It’s the start of the new school year.  It was a new beginning for Mission English too.  As I had mentioned in my previous posts, the entire class of V standard is now being taught phonics based English.  The class began on Friday 17th June 2011.  The school has been kind enough to accommodate me in their regular time-table.  My class is from 10.30 am to 11.30 am.  The total class strength is 54 (an average of 50 students, counting the absentees).

Day 1 – Friday 17th June 2011 : The class began with introductions.  Everybody said their names.  They are not able to write their names in English, barring a few.

Next we revised the letter sounds.  It is a new concept for the students to identify the letters with sounds.    More revision is needed to reinforce the concept over the next few classes.    A handout with the alphabet and its sounds was given.  All of it was new for the children.

The first class was a short one.  Students were excited with use of  computer based teaching.

Day 2 – Monday, 20th June 2011 : The second day started with a short revision of the Friday class.   Introduced several vocabulary words using pictures. Beginning and ending sounds practice using pictures.  The student had to circle the objects which had the short “a” sound. The worksheets was courtesy http://www.mes-english.com/

Day 3 – Tuesday, 21 st  June 2011 : Introduced the short vowel sound  “a”.  Practiced all ending sounds : at, ap, an, ad, as, ag etc.  Read the short vowel sound (a)  story.  The idea with the story was to reading practice and vocalization of the short a sound. Solved two more short vowel worksheet. ( http://www.mes-english.com/ )

Day 4 – Wednesday 22 nd June 2011 :  There was a change to a bigger classroom which was a relief.  The students were given their names written in English which they had to practice writing.  Last three worksheets with three letter words were completed (http://www.mes-english.com/).

Day 5 Thursday 23 rd June 2011 : I was having doubts on the proficiency fo some students with the English alphabet.  Each student was given a page.  They had to write their names on their respective sheets.  They were also told to write lowercase and uppercase alphabets.   The results were varied.  Some of the students need extensive help in practicing the alphabet and some need help to improve handwriting.

Talked about body parts and their names.  Speaking practice by asking questions like “How many eyes do you have ? ” “How many fingers do you have ?”  etc.   To end the classed played a game.  A word appeared on the screen.  The selected student had 1 minute to sound out the word. For e.g.  p a n, the student had to identify the sound of each letter and say the word.  There was a buzzer that sounded off after 1 minute.  They enjoyed it a lot.

Day 6 Friday 24 th June 2011 : Read one more short vowel sound “a” story, this time with pictures.  Each page had one line of the story.  Practiced the questions : What, Where, How, Why and Who, using the story.  Later on talked about the months of the year.  Two slides for each month.  The first slide had the month and the relevant pictures, second slide had the features of the month.  For eg. December – 1st slide had pictures of Santa Claus and the Christmas tree, a New Year’s eve party etc. The 2nd slide said : Twelfth month, Christmas, New Year, Last month of the year.

Plan for week two : Practice alphabets (lowercase and uppercase).  Learn the Pre-primer sight word list.  Revise short vowel “a” sound.  Begin with short vowel “e” sound.  Talk about days of the week, objects around the house.

Image courtesy of http://www.quotesandsayings.com